Boulder, Colorado

Buddhist Meditation Classes

Mondays | 7:15—8:30pm

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Bohemia Boulder
4919 North Broadway #7
Boulder, CO 80304

May Series

The Journey to Self-discovery

Join us for a wonderful and interesting series. Based on 5 of Buddha’s stages of the path (Lamrim) meditations, we will learn a lot about who we are, who we’re not, and who we can be!

Dates & Topics

Mondays | 7:15—8:30pm
with Dylan Jordan

May 6 ~ No class due to our Clarity & Emptiness retreat in the Rockies!
May 13 ~ I may die today
May 20 ~ What’s karma got to do with it?

June Series

Breathe for Renewal

Join us on a journey this month through the different types of breathing meditation, all of which will give us peace, hope, and positivity. In our busy modern world, preoccupied with yesterday’s memories and tomorrow’s plans, we may have lost touch with the immediate, what is literally right under our noses; but it is actually very natural and normal to follow our breath.

And it has both huge health benefits and spiritual benefits.
You’ll never regret learning to meditate – it is the most problem-solving, mind-freeing and happiness-inducing skill in the world. It has no adverse side effects. It is free! And no one can take it away from you.

Dates & Topics

Mondays | 7:15—8:30pm
with Dylan Jordan

June 3 ~ Meditation: simple easy instructions for getting started
June 10 ~ Breathe your way to inner peace
June 17 ~ Meditation in the pursuit of happiness
June 24 ~The magical practice of taking and giving


Dylan Jordan

Dylan has been studying and practicing Buddhist meditation for many years. He is appreciated for his incredible kind-heartedness. His light and practical style brings Buddha’s teachings to life in an easily accessible way. Through his example, Dylan demonstrates how every moment of our life can be meaningful.